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What Customers Say About SRQ Botanicals CBD Products

This is the best place in town for knowledgeable, caring assistance. They have various items for health, beauty, snacks, doggie treats, and ask for a free sample of CBD infused coffee. Lately I have been enjoying all the new teas. If you’re looking for a gift, they have the cutest teapot and it comes with several teas. My favorite thing at this store? Mango ice! Infused with CBD. I’m a happier person since I found this relaxing spot.
Laura N.
What an amazing place! I had such a great AND knowledgeable experience here. SRQ Botanicals really cares about the community it’s helping through CBD and I'm happy to bring my business here! This is the best CBD source in the Sarasota/Bradenton area.
Tara C.
The Moringa Skin Food is a phenomenal product. It has replaced my high-priced products purchased through dermatologists. I apply nightly after I wash my face. I do not dry my face completely and apply one pump to my face, neck and chest. Love, love, love!
Amy L.
Very knowledgeable staff! Answered all my questions. My husband uses the ointment and finds it very effective
Judy M.
Absolutely gorgeous store with amazing product selection, extremely knowledgeable staff and overall superior customer experience. Extremely impressed. Will be back!!!!
Lisa W.
The owners Joe and Debbie are the kindest sweetest people I've had the pleasure of meeting. Dr. Joe, as I call him, is very knowledgeable about their products and got me on the road to a better life. I can't thank you guys enough. I definitely highly recommend SRQ Botanicals.
Beth K.
Excellent people. They explain everything and are very helpful. I recommended this business to everyone who needs help in understanding CBD or to see what can work for you. This place is amazing.
Lori T.
I have had my son on the peppermint CBD oil for about a month, and he is really doing well. It has helped with his OCD and anxiety. The products taste pure and are well worth it!.
Krista K.
This store is amazing! Testers available, good prices, beautiful and wonderful costumer service. I will be back.
Margie V.
Great products and service. Very knowledgeable and helpful. Debbie Penge answered all my questions quickly and gave me the information I needed. Super fast shipping too! Thanks SRQ Botanicals and Debbie Penge.
Barbara M.
Debbie was an extremely knowledgeable owner. She was able to help me understand their products and guide me with what was best for me. Thank you for your help. I will be back.
Mary F.
I have a senior dog who starting having some joint issues and limping. I came to see Debbie and with her recommendations, 3 doses later, my dog is up easily walking around and is doing so much better! I have used the human version for anxiety and even after one week, I can feel the difference in mind clarity and not being so “antsy.” Thank you for what you do!
Janie S.
I finally got a chance to stop by and check out your store! I just bought my first CBD oil so I will keep you posted on how it works for me. I love the store. It looks great and Kevin was so nice and helpful! Thank you, Debbie and Joe!
Trudi E.
Stopped in to check it out. Debbie was so helpful explaining all the products to me and giving samples!! The bath bombs are amazing and the coffee is really good!! I picked up a couple of other different products to try and so far love everything. Thank you for all your help.
Kelsey J.
They have done the research to carry the best products. They have the best taste I have found in CBD oil! Friendly, knowledgeable staff. I will be back!
Michel C.
SRQ Botanicals is your place to visit for all CBD. You will find the highest quality and best pricing in the area. Also very knowledgeable and can answer your questions.
Nancy A.
In the area where I live there are several shops (drug stores included) that sell CBD products. All are very expensive and none of them work very well. One of my friends introduced me to SRQ Botanicals. I have tried several of their CBD products. I am 100% convinced that SRQ Botanicals product is the best and least expensive out there. Now four (4) of us will be driving approximately 150 miles each way just to go shopping at SRQ Botanicals. I will continue to tell my friends about their products.
Marti S.
I have FINALLY found relief for my knees after 30+ years of pain! Thanks to CBD products, no more suffering all day and crying at night from pain! Also, finally getting a good night’s sleep too! If you have any reservations, Debbie Penge will answer your questions! Thank you, Debbie, for all the help you gave me!
Marleen M.
I had all my questions answered and found the right product for my needs. The friendly staff is very knowledgeable and there was no pressure - just made sure I made an informed choice. I bought calming dog treats for my elderly, anxious dog. I had my order shipped to Maine and it arrived quicker than I expected. My dog was so chill after enjoying her treat.
Kim H.
I really like my CBD oil purchase from this place. I feel Debbie knows her product and puts out a very clean product I can trust. I feel better. Sleeping better and my family notices how much calmer and more focused I am. I don't feel drugged at all. just better and no more chronic pain. It's great to have someone reach out personally to you to explain, demonstrate, and assure you what their products are. I give it a thumbs up and job well done from Missouri to Florida. I'm very glad I found you and your products.
Wanda B.
I would highly recommend SRQ Botanicals. The owners are very helpful and knowledgeable about their products. The coffee and tea are great. They also have tinctures, cosmetics and ice cream which I will be getting next time. No question best I’ve seen so far!
Liri L.
The quality of their products and most important the knowledge Debbie has about what they sell! She will take all the time you need to explain, teach and make you feel welcomed as soon as you walk in. I love everything about SRQ Botanicals.
Lisa B.
Great experience! Ken was very knowledgeable and helpful. I walked away feeling happy with the products I chose, as he was able to answer all of my questions and concerns about CBD.
Meg H.
Very knowledgeable staff. Great selection of CBD products. All products are very high quality and lab tested. Shipping available. Love this shoppe.
Deborah P.
I must say what a difference the pet tincture has made for my dog. At age 10 ½, he has some arthritic pain and also suffers from allergies and anxiety and heart disease. He just loves this CBD oil! It comforts him in so many ways that when it’s time for his dose he lets me know it. I highly recommend this product for your Pet! It truly works!
Barbara C.
I travel from Palm Harbor to Sarasota to get these quality products. The staff is so knowledgeable and helpful. The proof is in the lab results, you are getting 100% what they say. For better overall good health this is the place to go!
Amy B.
Amazing products. We have tried other stores, but it really doesn’t compare to theirs. My fiancé and I have been taking the gummies and have found it’s helped tremendously with anxiety, stress, depression, and even my symptoms with pcos. Spoke with Debbie today who seems like a wonderful person and very, very knowledgeable. We’ll keep shopping with SRQ.
Sarah B.
Purchased the 400mg Cooling Spot Lotion for my upper back pain and within 2 applications I have full range of motion and no more back spasms, tightness or pain. A must have for heavy side sleepers or those that sit at a computer all day!
Janie S.
I recommend this shop over any other place in town. Not only are you getting the best quality CBD products, but your business is going to people who aren't just here to hop on the band wagon and make money off of some new trend. They are educated on what they are selling and have a lot of passion behind the health benefits of taking CBD. Good local shop with amazing ice cream and soaps even! Go check them out.
Colleen M.
Such nice and friendly people who really know their merchandise. They are the go-to place for all your CBD products! We just tried the Cooling Spot Lotion and it is fantastic at relieving pain! Love this place!!
Julie W.
What a beautiful store front with well packaged products. The products are wonderful and highly recommended not only from myself but also family and friends who have enjoyed them. The lotions, lip balm, and coffee are my favorites. Thank you.
Stephanie S.
I'm so happy to have found SRQ Botanicals. I've been very skeptical about a lot of the products out there. I've been using a CBD oil for three months and ran out right when I saw this store on Next Door. Debbie spent a lot of time educating me about their products, dosing, and their testing. They carry several product lines that Debbie has thoroughly researched for quality and CBD content, but they have their own line of quality products as well. I decided to buy their proprietary brand of tincture and their balm. I have only been using them for a week and am amazed at the results! The tincture is so much more effective than the "quality" one I had been using from another local vendor, and it tastes good! I have been sleeping through the night and overall feel a lot less stressed throughout the day. The balm is the BOMB! I have a lot of neck pain and chronic headaches. I've been using the balm on my neck before bed and haven't had ONE headache since I started using it. It smells absolutely AMAZING! I just love this product. More sleep and less pain could be life-changing for me! They send all of their products out for independent testing for CBD content, pesticides, etc., and will share the info, which gives me full reassurance that I am buying a quality product that is what they say it is. Debbie shared that her own interest in using CBD products began with the success they had with their own son. I am going to start my 12-year-old Boston Terrier on it for his arthritis and skin issues. The shop is so charming and welcoming. It is like a trendy little coffee bar where you can sit and learn and sample their products. So happy to have found a shop with people and products I can trust!
Kayne T.
Great place to get your CBD product. Tried the balm at the Hometown Fest for hip/leg pain and instant relief! I will be using this balm for my pain always. Debbie & Joe are knowledgeable, friendly and make great recommendations on a product that addresses your specific pain needs. They are awesome!
Karen M.
SRQ Botanicals is a perfectly designed CBD boutique! The quaint feel is inviting and makes you feel at home. With CBD coffee brewing, you’re welcomed by a delicious smell as soon as you enter. The staff was so friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable!! I loved being able to test several products before making a decision. I am so excited to try their “high tea”! I also was able to snag a few gifts for a close friend who LOVED her tea and lip balm. Thank you SRQ Botanicals!!!!
Very impressed with SRQ Botanicals. The owner Debbie was extremely knowledgeable about all her products. So very friendly as well. She explained everything about how her products work, dosages and recommended which products would help us feel better. We even tried infused coffee which we would highly recommend. It was absolutely delicious. We felt comfortable with her knowledge and would trust her recommendations. Definitely a go to place for our CBD needs. Thanks Debbie for all your help!!
Anthony D.
Have been a customer for quite some time now and cannot find more friendly and knowledgeable staff. They take the time to explain their products and are truly interested in your opinions. Plus they give veterans discounts and they are locally owned. Buy Local or BY BY Local.
John C.
Deb and her husband are kind and caring and well informed.
Sell a great product!!
Melisa D.
Debbie is especially knowledgeable and helpful! The store also has a table at The Bazaar at Apricot and Lime on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays.
Sharon O.
Went to SRQ Botanicals to see what they had for sleep. Debbie the owner is so knowledgeable about her products and offered several recommendations. She is very passionate about offering clean, good quality products. She was very friendly and helpful. I really like the feel of the shop too. Highly recommend!
Maria S.
Love that they do fb-live. Very informative and look forward to ordering.
Melissa B.
Debbie the shop owner was very knowledgeable about her products. She made some great suggestions to help me based on what I told her I was looking for. I feel the product is of quality ingredients. I am glad I found SRQ Botanicals.
Mica E.
So knowledgeable and helpful. Joe and Debbie are the experts.
Heather D.
SRQ Botanicals is a delightful CBD dispensary with excellent customer service & very knowledgeable staff. Debbie is always welcoming and accommodating to what's best for each individual. They stock a wide range of product & offer pet support as well. Best little shop in town!
Arol L.
The best cbd products around! I have ra/osteoarthritis and since discovering SRQ last year I have minimal pain. Debbie is very knowledgeable and most helpful. Numerous products so stop in or order online. This is one satisfied customer.
Pat K.
I was in need of a last minute Birthday gift and Christmas gifts. Being stuck in traffic Miss Debbie stayed open for me to get there from Lakewood Ranch. Beautiful store, great customer service, never felt rushed, educated me and hooked me up. CBD gummies, chillers, T-shirt and Coffee cup with coffee, Christmas gift bags and a Birthday bag to go. I will definitely will be back !!!! Thank you Debbie …..I appreciate you appreciating me.
Connie H.
It was nearly closing time when my wife started explaining to Debbie what she was looking for. Debbie was very patient and knowledgeable. She got my wife what she needed even though we were there past closing time. Many thanks.
Scott H.
My 1st visit to SRQ Botanicals. Debbie (The Owner) was outstanding. She was very patient and answered what probably seemed like 101 questions that I had asked. She went above and beyond explaining the products and their benefits. I look forward to visiting SRQ Botanicals in the near future.
Bruno M.
What a great place SRQ botanicals is… Debbie was a wonderful person and helped me decide what would help me with my hip pain and poor sleep! Give this place a try!
Phyllis M.
Debbie is the most friendly, genuine and knowledgeable person. She takes whatever time is needed to help you find the best product for your needs. There is always something on offer, coffee and tea are often provided, and it is all around just a joy to visit 😊.
Jan M.
Such a comfortable and welcoming shop. The owner took the time to educate and explain all of her products and their benefits. Definitely recommend.
Brittany S.
Local favorite! The best CBD store in town!! Personal favorite are the gummies. I have been going to a functional medicine clinic and these gummies help manage my stress. Huge game changer!
They carry some really great products and the store owner is so friendly and attentive!! AA+
Scherer A.
Skeptical about trying the product but after a very detailed orientation by Ken, I try it , and it was wonderful. The Irene tea is amazing to sleep and the products are organic and excellent in quality.I 💯 recommend this product to anyone suffering with pain, fybro and trouble sleeping. If you are tired of prescription drugs and it's damaging effects, Stop by and see what CBD can do for you. You will be glad you took the time out of your busy life to finally get better for you and your family.
Claritza E.
Try this place! Debbie is so kind and knowledgeable! They also have skin care products!
Arleen S.
Debbie was awesome! So much knowledge! Great place! Great experience and products.
Brett S.
I have been shopping here since they opened 2 years ago, so this review is based on my personal experience over time. These are extremely high quality products. Trust is extremely important when looking for certain products, especially CBD as there seems to be CBD stores popping up everywhere. Clearly the owners have gone to a lot of trouble to get the highest quality sourcing. Everything is third party tested and test results are available right on the counter in the store. They offer a wide variety of products from tinctures and balms to pet products, beauty products and even tea and they are not the most expensive. I find their prices are better than comparable products almost every time. The customer service is fantastic as the staff and owners are extremely knowledgeable about CBD and all their products. They always have some sort of special going on and they have a rewards program. There is no reason to buy your CBD products anywhere else!
Jennifer H.
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